Due to the successful financial performance of Adept Business Consultants, and the countrywide enquiries through our website, we have decided to franchise the business under the name Adept Business Consultants. It is not viable to offer our services far away from our offices, but franchisees in different areas can offer the services with the assistance and guidance of the franchisor.

The full offer from the franchisor for the establishment of a single Adept Business Consultants franchise is as follows:
Fee Description                         Period      Fee
Start-up fee:                              Once-off   R50 000
Management service fee:         Monthly     7% of turnover
Advertising fee:                        Monthly     3% of turnover 

Start-up fee
This covers the initial cost of set-up and includes the following:

• The right to trade under the franchise name and to use the logo of the franchise
• Training of franchisee at his/her premises
• Templates for business plans
• Unique program specifically written for financial projections
• Guides on “How to”
• Ongoing telephonic and online support from head office
• Access to specialised services provided by the franchisor        
Management fee 
This covers the ongoing cost of:

• Updating franchisees with new information pertaining to the services which we offer.
• Ongoing technical and business support.
• Software updates.
• Web site updates.
• Quality control tests undertaken by the franchisor.       
Advertising fee   

This covers the ongoing cost of regional, provincial and ultimately, national advertising and marketing (note that local advertising is the responsibility of the franchisee).


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