It is paramount that a mentor understands the needs of a business when conducting a business health check. You as the business owner will therefore be requested to complete a "Small Business Diagnostic Tool", which is a questionaire in which you rate your business on 30 different criteria and also answer a few more questions.

We will then meet with you and discuss the diagnosis. Areas requiring attention will then be identified and prioritised. A suggested task & strategy schedule will then be compiled.

Based on the above suggested tasks & strategies the client(s) should now develop their own plans and objectives. The requirement here is to genuinely commit to a series of improvement programs by identifying the tasks needing attention, agreeing to a starting date, and committing to complete the task(s) by a nominated date. Over an agreed period of time the mentor(s) will then regularly review progress with the mentees, encourage them, and make suggestions as necessary to enhance the improvement programs.

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